» Dog Bone Flavors » Cheese » Gimborn U.s.-redi Rich Health Wowsers Filled Bone Cheese 4-5 Inch - 904CF

a natural way to massage gums or clean your dogs teeth.a fun treat for your dog.wowsers bones are filled with real cheese.dimensions (l x w x h):3 x 5.5 x 2



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RenewTrients™ Hip & Joint beef and cheese flavored scored chewable tablets are a specially formulated supplement to support healthy joints and treat deteriorating joints in dogs of all ages - from puppies to senior dogs. Active Ingredients Per Tablet *Glucosamine HCI - 500mg *Chondroitin Sulphate - 400mg Brewer s Yeast - 137.5mg Vitamin C (Manganese Ascorbate) - 33mg Manganese (Manganese Ascorbate) - 5mg *Not recognized as an essential nutrient by AAFCO Other Ingredients Corn Syrup Solids, Vegetable Cellulose, Natural Cheeseburger Beef Flavor, Vegetable Stearin, Silica, Xanthan Gum, Beef Liver, Magnesium Stearate Size Of Dog - First 4-6 Weeks - 6+ Weeks Small Dog - 1/2 Tablet Daily - 1/2 Daily Medium Dog - 1 tab in a.m., 1 in p.m. - 1 Daily Large Dog - 2 tabs in a.m., 2 in p.m. - 2 Daily Warnings: For use in dogs only. Keep out of the reach of children and animals. In case of accidental overdose, contact a health professional immediately. Administer during or after the animal has eaten to reduce incidence of gastrointestinal upset. Maintenance levels may be reduced once improvement is established, or continued with healthy dogs for joint health. Consult with your veterinarian before using this product in animals with clotting disorders; being treated with anticoagulant medications; diabetes, or any metabolic disorder causing hyperglycemia, history of urinary tract stones, known allergies to shellfish.Related Search: 492280,492281,492282



Made with wholesome whole grains and nutritious vegetables, BLUE Health Bars are also oven baked for old fashioned goodness. Great flavors!



These Nature's Animal handmade dog biscuits are preserved with Vitamin E. No chemical preservatives or additives, no salt or sugar added. Counter display box perfect for add-on sales or also great for owners of multiple dogs.Quantity: 24 count Size: 4"L Available in: Chicken, Cheddar Cheese and Lamb & Rice, Peanut Butter



Are you sick of all that dog hair covering your house and car? This is the dog medicine you've been waiting for! Shed No More is an effective shed reduction and coat-enhancing treat that your dog will love. Shed No More is a unique blend of fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. It is specially formulated so that it is easily digested, to provide fast relief for you and your dog. Don't let undue shedding come between you and your dog. Give your dog the medicine that will restore their vibrant coat and reduce excessive shedding.



Description: Arthogen is scientifically formulated with a special pet friendly blend of Glucosamine HCI & Chondroitin Sulfate. It also contains a comprehensive, nutritious and highly effective solution that provides the necessary nutrients needed for your pet's health, coupled with a beef and cheese flavor that dogs love. With the introduction of Arthogen, pet owners now have the ability to provide their pets with the same great results of comparable formulas, at one half to one third the price. Petlabs360 rigorously tested and analyzed Arthogen with one goal in mind; to provide pet owners with a healthy supplement that has the power to treat the suffering that many dogs endure due to Canine Arthritis. Give your dog the treat they love and keep them feeling great!Nutrition Facts: Glucosamine HCI (mg) 500 Chondroitin Sulfate (mg) 400 Vitamin C (mg) 33 Manganese (mg) 5 Suggested Use: Size of Dog - Serving Up to 24 lbs. - ½ Tab Daily 25-49 lbs. - 1 Tab Daily 50-100 lbs. - 1-2 Tabs Daily Over 100 lbs. - 2 Tabs Daily



Innova Senior Dry Dog Food contains a balance of high quality ingredients from the five food groups, has added Vitamin E, additional natural fiber to aid digestion, and reduced protein and fat to help control weight. Innova Senior is the first food in the industry for older dogs that includes the dietary supplements Chondroitin Sulfate and Glucosamine, believed to help rebuild cartilage and ease the pain of osteoarthritis. Geriatric dogs have special needs. Like us, your dog can suffer from age-related problems such as: weaker immune system, less efficient digestive system, reduced nutritional needs and osteoarthritis. Innova Senior is unlike any senior dog food on the market today. Most senior diets just contain less protein and fat with added fiber. Innova Senior goes beyond that in its formulation with the total aging process in mind. Innova Senior Dog Food is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) Dog Food Nutrient Profile for maintenance. Ingredients Turkey Chicken, Ground Barley, Ground Brown Rice, Potatoes, Rice Bran, Rice, Natural Flavors, Chicken Meal, Herring, Chicken Fat, Apples, Carrots, Cottage Cheese, Sunflower Oil, Alfalfa Sprouts, Egg, Garlic, Taurine, Chicory Root Extract, Glucosamine, Chondroitin Sulfate, Viable Naturally Occurring Microorganisms, Vitamins/Minerals. Guaranteed Analysis Guaranteed Analysis describes the nutrient content required by AAFCO labeling standards to be identified on every product package. Since these are guarantees, pet food manufacturers work to formulate diets that meet or exceed the minimum requirements. Crude Protein (min) 18% Moisture (max) 10% Crude Fat (min) 8% Crude Fiber (max) 5.5% Available in: 6 lb, 16 lb and 30 lb.



Healthy Puppy = Healthy Adult DogInnova Puppy Food has been designed to supply highly digestible ingredients and important micronutrients needed to satisfy the urgent nutritional demands of growing puppies. In addition to the revolutionary use of fresh ingredients from the five basic food groups, Innova Puppy Food contains a unique blend of fat sources.Utilizing cold pressed sunflower oil, chicken fat and ground flaxseed, Innova Puppy Food supplies the perfect balance of essential fatty acids which are so important in the maintenance of cell membranes and the development of healthy skin and coat. Innova Puppy Food provides the optimal levels of nutrients puppies need so that they can grow into healthy adults.Ingredients:Turkey, Chicken, Chicken Meal, Ground Barley, Ground Brown Rice, Cottage Cheese, Tomatoes, Sunflower Oil, Chicken Fat, Natural Flavors, Flaxseed, Potatoes, Herring, Apples, Carrots, Alfalfa Sprouts, Egg, Garlic, Chicory Root Extract, Taurine, Vitamins/Minerals, Viable Naturally Occurring Microorganisms. Guaranteed AnalysisGuaranteed Analysis describes the nutrient content required by AAFCO labeling standards to be identified on every product package. Since these are guarantees, pet food manufacturers work to formulate diets that meet or exceed the minimum requirements. Crude Protein (min) 26 % Crude Fat (min) 12 %Crude Fiber (max) 3.5 %Moisture (max) 10 % Linoleic Acid (Omega-6 Fatty Acid) (min) 2.3 %Calcium (min) 1 %Phosphorus (min) 0.08 %Vitamin E (min) 1000 IU/kgVitamin C (min) 500 mg/kgOmega-3 Fatty Acids (min) 0.5 %Total Microorganisms (min) 90,000,000 CFU/lbAvailable in: 6.6 lb, 16.5 lb and 33 lb.



regular size bacon bbq chicken and ham & cheese edibles in a handy 3 pack allows dogs to sample 3 popular flavors.helps clean teeth and freshen breath.contains no plastic.contains no added sugar or salt.baked in flavor is irresistible to dogs.(bacon) beef byproducts protein colloid casein natural bacon flavor. (barbecue chicken) beef byproducts casein protein colloid chicken meal natural barbecue flavor. (ham and cheese) beef byproducts protein colloid casein natural ham flavor.dimensions (l x w x h):7.5 x 0.95 x 6.63



yellow cheddarpeels just like string cheese for people.booda stringerz are great fun for you and your dog.peel off one strand at a time to make treat time last or give them the whole stick to chew by themselves.pups will love the cheesy taste and you can feel good that these chews are made with real cheddar.great for walks or training.



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